Parked domain

I just transferred my domain that was in redemption with Godaddy to Namecheap and parked the domain.

I added my Cloudflare name servers to to my domain through my Namecheap account and my parked domain says it’s parked courtesy of Godaddy.

Does Cloudflare have some agreement with Godaddy
That would explain this ?

I’m addition I called Cloudflare sales and they asked me for my phone number and name and where I was calling from and then directed me here.
So this Indian man wasn’t collecting my information to verify my Cloudflare account . Now I’m concerned he is working in a large building in New Deli next to those Amazon and Microsoft scammers and will be selling my personal information to them. I called (888) 993-5273

What is your domain?

Sales will not help with any support questions and will only direct you here. The number you called is listed on the enterprise contact page so I wouldn’t be worried about it being a scammer.

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Here’s a screenshot of my domain

What is the actual domain? It sounds like something might be misconfigured.


I’m privacy orientated and not too concerned about any configurations . My main concern was the Indian man asking too many questions. Next time I’m in a similar situation I’ll provide bogus information and if it’s an issue I’ll simply call back at a later date.

I’m certain my domain is secure with the new registrar
and after 22 years I’m finally free from Godaddy. I should have left years ago.
The name servers have been updated and I’ve verified this in Namecheap and via Whois . I’m going to upload an under construction page to remove it.
Thanks for your help :wink:

You were correct though, it was a configuration problem. I don’t have a hosting server yet and I had a double entry on my DNS CNAME and so I deleted 1 entry and changed the ip address the 2nd one resolved at which was as you might have guessed GoDaddy :frowning:

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