Parallelizing downloads across hostnames

In the interests of speeding up my website, I have noted in Pingdom that I should Have parallel downloads across hostnames. I am not by any means an expert and on various advice, this is what I have done:
(My host is Bluehost, I have Cloudflare. I also use MaxCDN)

In CF I have created 3 new CNAME records (cdn02, sdn03, cdn04). all with domains aliases of:

In MaxCDN I have added 3 new Custom domains:

24 hours later and I can find nothing to suggest these CNAMES have been propagated? I also see no effect in Ping suggesting I am using sharding to create parallel downloads across hostnames.

If anyone knows what I am talking about (because I don’t, I’m trying to follow others instructions) can I ask what am I doing right/wrong? What else?

Thanks, Chris

You don’t need sharding since Cloudflare runs HTTP/2. HTTP/2 lets you run several connections in parallel.

If you already have MaxCDN, they support HTTP/2 as well.

If you still want to shard, you’re in for a good chunk of work, as your website needs to specify the sharded domains for different resources.

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Even more confused than I was when Pingdom said I was lacking in this? That’s the trouble with being new this I guess. Pingdon shows: Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools and MaxCDN have an advise page encouraging me to do so,

Mate, it’s a minefield.

The MaxCDN article is pretty old. Even now, HTTP/2 isn’t that common. Even runs HTTP 1.1.

I’m not sure why Pingdom is yelling at you about parallelizing. Maybe because it’s so many similar requests. I have a page with more images than that and Pingdom loves it:

Maybe because it’s a CDN. Who knows? But what bugs me about Pingdom and many of the other performance testers is they only test at HTTP/1 instead of HTTP/2.