Pantahub One: WARP, Cloudflare Families and more Apps on your WiFi router

Pantahub One

Today we are introducing Pantahub One, a Raspberry Pi project that turns your Pi into a Wi-Fi hotspot for your Home, enhanced with all types of Cloudflare applications and more.

Pantahub One comes with the following initial applications:

  • WARP so that you can WARP your entire home, not just a single device
  • Internet Filtering thanks to for Families
  • Games Filters that bring a “killswitch” for addicting games

You can use the Raspberry Pi (model 3B, 3B+ and 4) that you have lying around, or get a new one, and go to the website to get started. You can set up multiple devices, one for the kids room, one for the living room, the office, etc – and manage them all centrally from the site. You only need to flash this once, afterwards it is like installing Apps on your phone or installing System Updates.

You can use the site anonymously, but we recommend you sign in (either create an account, or sign in with a Google, Gitlab or Github) so that you can control all of your Raspberry Pis from a single account.

Pantahub One and all the technology that powers it is completely open source (MIT and Apache licenses). You can find the project code at the following locations:

You can read more about Pantahub, which powers the infrastructure and the device-side technology that lets One be a reality at:

We are excited to be part of the Cloudflare Community and are looking forward to your feedback and contributions!


What other applications could we see here? Is anyone using Gateway/Access on a Raspberry Pi at the moment?

Hi @ricardo.mendoza, we’re going to be talking about that this Friday 2020-08-14T17:00:00Z2020-08-14T17:30:00Z on YTCC on Cloudflare TV, Yesterday, Today on the Cloudflare Community - Cloudflare TV & next 2020-08-21T17:00:00Z2020-08-21T17:30:00Z. This week, our Support team is going to give an update on how they use cloudflare + pi. Next week we’ll see more details.

And, thank you for joining the show last week!

Been a while since we had some content here! Interesting update:

Since last week Pantahub One has evolved to more than just this. It has since grown a full Marketplace where people can install multiple Apps from, as well as being much easier and faster to download/configure.

Other apps that can be used are VPN solutions, IoT gateways, etc. This is open source and contributions to the marketplace are welcome!

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