Pam360 Manage engine tunnel mode

Hello, "Manage Engine pam 360 I want to connect to tunnel mode as well. But pam is using 443 in the webinterface, while remote, it provides data flow over the 8283 port. I can’t get a picture because 8283 does not pass the traffic. I request support. Thank you.

Hi @bilgiislem1,

Please see the supported ports for Cloudflare here:

Please check Cloudflare Spectrum for additional support for non common ports:

Thank you.

Hello, I tried port 2096 in the supported ports but again no traffic passed. When we want to connect to a resource while connecting to the web interface from Manage Engine Pam360 443, it wants port 2096 to pass. When I pass the ports used by Pam360 as well as web services on Fortigate, the traffic flows. how can we make an arrangement in cloudflare.