Paid subscription cancelled, why?

3 days ago I received 2 emails:
1 - You are receiving this email because you no longer need Cache Reserve. This is a confirmation that your subscription was cancelled on May 30 .
2 - You are receiving this email because you no longer need Load Balancing. This is a confirmation that your subscription was cancelled on May 30 .

But I didn’t cancel or turn off anything…
I checked the invoice and it was paid by June 13th.

I opened a ticket, but for 3 days there has been no response, and for 3 days my site has not been working due to a non-working Load Balancing.

Very disappointed with Cloudflare:
Firstly, the letter does not say which domain has disabled subscriptions.
Secondly, no one answers the ticket (3282009) for 3 days and the site does not work for 3 days.
Ok, this website is a for tests, but what if this was a production site? 3 days of a down site is a big loss to my business.
Thirdly, now I can’t buy anything, because I’m scared that one day they might turn it off again.

Sorry for the issues @f112, I flagged your ticket for my Support colleagues

So I didn’t get any answer.
6 days the site does not work, and the servers is paid for a non-working site.
The worst support I’ve seen in 30 years on the Internet. This is a big shock for me, Cloudflare support is worse than godaddy at the beginning of the 2000s…

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What is the problem with solving a simple issue and showing respect to the customer?
Why I can’t get a response for a whole week, and why do I have to lose hundreds of dollars because of a wrongly issued $5 invoice?
How much more time should pass, how long do I have to wait?

An invoice for $5 was generated, but there was an error in the name.
Okay, I fixed it, and a second invoice was generated.
Both invoices are for the same service, for the same website, for the same period, from May 14 to June 13.
The second invoice was paid.

On May 30, you say that the service was cancelled. Why? It was paid until June 13.
In the personal account, you say that I have an unpaid invoice, so you are “freezing” the account.

Restore my account!!! Delete the invoice for the service that was not provided!!! Restore the service that I paid for!!!

Is opening a complaint on ycombinator the only solution?

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Anybody home?

Still nobody…

On May 14, the first invoice was generated, but the name was incorrect.
I corrected the name, a second invoice was generated, and I paid it.

On May 30, service, which was paid until June 13, was cancelled (not by me).
I opened a support ticket and wrote on the forum - it’s been 8 days, and no one has helped.

I’m tired of waiting, every day I incur significant costs because I can’t get a response from you.
I paid the first invoice for the service that I had already paid for (in the second invoice), and which was cancelled before the paid period ended.
It still shows that the invoice is unpaid.
Although I shouldn’t have to pay it, since this service was paid for in the second invoice. And what is the point of paying for a service from May 14 when that date has long passed?

In the end, I paid twice for the same service from May 14 to June 13 (on May 14 for the correct invoice and on June 8 for the incorrect invoice), and you froze my account on May 30.
Where is the fairness?

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