Paid plan does not take effect

Before, I changed the DNS server of domain to cloudflare and purchased pro plan. Later, I wanted to use cname access, so I removed the domain name from the official website and changed to cname access in the partner’s panel. I was surprised to find that the pro plan disappeared and became a free plan. Now, your system has deducted 20 dollars from my payment in the second payment cycle, but now it is still the free plan. How should I deal with this matter!!! I am very anxious. thank you!!

  1. In view of the second $20 fee, I didn’t use the corresponding service at all, so I want to apply for a refund of this $20 and cancel the subscription because I can’t cancel it on the panel (prompt that my plan is in progress) .
    2, I consult, “use the partner’s panel” + “buy the plan on the CF official website”, is this feasible? If it works, then if I change the panel of a collaborator, does this plan move smoothly?

You can reach the Billing department through the Support portal:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.

Thank you for your reply. I have done this, but the official reply is really too slow. After replying once, there was no news for several days. I paid the money but didn’t get the corresponding service. I was very anxious.

Please post the Ticket # of your request. Cloudflare staff will probably see this thread and take a closer look at the ticket.

Thank you. The Ticket No is 1688767


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The support engineer contacted me and said that there are still active subscriptions under my account. However, when I open the subscription, I can’t do anything. It shows me that it is a free plan, but I am still in the subscription. Is there any conflict between the official payment plan and the third-party partner panel? I am confused now, maybe this is a bug in your billing system. The customer service only contacted me once in 2 days, and the efficiency made me stunned. My current request is, if there is incompatibility between them, then please refund me $20, then I use the free plan. Or, change my plan to a real pro plan and I will continue to pay. Thank you.


Thank you, sorry for the issues. The above ticket is the surviving ticket to use. I see the engineer is aware of the charges. I don’t see partner involvement but have added myself to the ticket to monitor to resolution.

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