Paid page workers are unstable Error 1101 Ray ID: 8352db60cd371057

I paid a page worker in the hope of better access to the site but it ended up being worse. I keep getting error 429 or Error 1101 on the domain. I don’t use a custom domain. What happened? How to solve the problems?

There are no problems with my code. The page worker works if checked from the worker.js editor integrated but cannot be accessed externally.

1101 is Worker threw exception, that means there is indeed something wrong with your code

You should tail the deployment to debug what the error is.

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Should I use waitUntil when I have used async + await for the fetch? I think waitUntil and async + await have the same function

waitUntil should be used to run code without blocking the Worker execution. For example, you may use it with a fetch if you’re sending logs. But if you’re wanting to wait on the response and use the data, you should await it.

Oh. I’m opening this resolution because it’s strange that when the same code accessed from a different cloudflare worker account doesn’t have the same results. On one account my code ran completely without problems and on the other there was a problem like that. Does the timeout also affect the fetch request?

Guessing why it’s failing isn’t great. I’d recommend just tailing your Worker as mentioned earlier, it’ll tell you what’s going wrong.