Paid for the Pro account, but cant use Pro features

  1. Says I’m on Pro, but with only 3 page rules?! -
  2. Asks me to upgrade to Pro to use Super Bot Fight Mode.
  3. Then tells me I’m already on Pro -

Ticket ID: #2704064

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I can’t believe this is a systematic issue within Cloudflare.

Received an email saying my Pro account is active. Still can’t access any Pro features :confused:

The only ones who are going to be able to solve the issue are the billing team with the ticket you opened. You will have to wait for them to respond.

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I think it’s important to highlight how severe this issue is. This stuff should be fully automated, and the billing team should certainly not require weeks to solve the problem.

It is fully automated, but issues can still arise. I don’t know where you get weeks from, as you linked 4 posts. One from December 2018, one from March 2021 one from December 2022 and one from 17 days ago. The billing team is usually pretty quick.

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