cloudflare slow page speed Reduce JavaScript execution time 3.2s

after testing my website with
I get this Uses deprecated APIs 2 warnings found
window.webkitStorageInfo is deprecated. Please use navigator.webkitTemporaryStorage or navigator.webkitPersistentStorage instead.


any work around this?

Can you clarify exactly what you’re trying to workaround? It’s not uncommon for scripts that are intended to run across many old browsers and systems to use deprecated APIs, so that they can still function on these outdated browsers. This isn’t going to cause any issues on your site.

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I have just enabled this on my website and I get this

Am I supposed to get a performance boost on a local level with Cloudflare?
With cache enable using FREE Cloudflare. As of now, I’m getting nothing maybe I don’t have the right setup? but I did follow this guide.

best Cloudflare settings

or does Cloudflare only helps with the TTFB?