Pagespeed stopped working randomly *AND CANT FIX IT*

Hi there, How’s going?

Last week pagespeed stopped working as you can see at this picture

I didn’t change a thing at Cloudflare neither at my plugins… (I’m using Wordpress) And since then, can’t test the speed of my URLs. I have been playing with every option possible at the Cloudflare menu, and nothing is working.

Later on I installed google kit to wordpress, and there it shows an 403 error, so the problem is that something is blocking the request.

Things that I did to Cloudflare (that should have worked):

  1. Adding pagespeed IP’s
  2. Creating rules to specify that know bots are allowed
  3. Configured wordfence to allow that IPs
    And some more that I can’t remember hahahah

Please guys, if someone has any clue, or something, would be really appreciated!

Thanks guys!

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That looks like an error on the Pagespeed website. It doesn’t appear to reference anything about an inability to connect to your website.

Hey, I have found a solution to this problem, please go through the steps I mentioned in this video: [FIX] Google PageSpeed Error (Cloudflare Issue) SOLVED! - YouTube

Hi, you can try temporarily disabling Bot Fight Mode when accessing the Pagespeed site.

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