Pagespeed recommendation: Vary: Accept-Encoding header

Hi all,

Recently moved hosts and an issue popped up in pagespeed for Vary: Accept-Encoding header.

My site uses MaxCDN and Cloudflare.

I believe the issue is because both are caching. One from MaxCDN and the other from CloudFlare.

At MaxCDN#s suggestion, I enabled Origin IP resolution, and provided my actual hosting server IP instead of Cloudflare’s (and purged), though it doesn’t seem to have worked.

Any ideas on how to fix Vary: Accept-Encoding header recommendation? Thank you.

What’s the URL of one of these URLs that’s missing the header?

For example :slight_smile:

I’ve just set cache to bypass on Cloudflare, not made any immediate difference

From your description, MaxCDN is now pulling direct from your origin and completely bypassing Cloudflare. As I look at the headers of one of those css files, there’s no evidence Cloudflare is in the loop, as Cloudflare injects a handful of headers.

Could the onsite cache (w3) make a difference?
Why do you think the issue has only just reared its head after changing over to a new server?
Thanks for your help… I guess the quest continues :slight_smile:

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