Pagespeed issue

Hello, our page is VERY VERY slow since a few days and the technical server manager told me everything is fine. He told the issue must be Cloudflare.

What can we do now?

Fist we should analyse the page, therefore we need the Domain.

This is what GPSI analysed:

54/100 mobile, what is good for a Shopware 6 Shop.

What exactly is slow at this page? Are you not satisfied with the TTFB, the general PageLoad or SiteLoad?

There is the issue for several days, that the images are not loading…we cannot find the issue.

As it is working right now I can not analyse/reproduce this issue.
But feel free to write it here as soon as it happens again so I can look into it

images are not loading at the moment, horrible performance.

Its getting worse…

found the issue on local network.