Pagespeed Insights results differ a lot from Cloudflare Speed Test


I added my website to Cloudflare from Godaddy because my TTFB was too high (1.2s), as well as my LCP (2.8s) according to Google’s Pagespeed Insights. But after transferring to Cloudflare, so I would benefit primarily from the CDN, as advised by the Cloudways support, it did not change the speed in Pagespeed Insights. When looking in the speed analysis of Cloudflare itself on the other hand, the speed is good at 0.02s TTFB and 1.16s LCP.

How come Google’s Pagespeed Insights (which is the most important one it seems, as its results are probably used to help decide the website ranking) says the website is a lot slower than what Cloudflare is saying? And how can I fix this towards Google’s Pagespeed Insights?

Thanks in advance

Hello fdm003

It’s common for PageSpeed Insights and Cloudflare Speed Test to show different results because they measure performance in different ways and from different locations. To improve your PageSpeed Insights score, consider the following steps:

  1. Optimize images and serve them in next-gen formats.
  2. Minimize JavaScript and CSS files.
  3. Use lazy loading for images and non-critical resources.
  4. Leverage browser caching.
  5. Implement AMP if suitable for your site.

Remember, Cloudflare’s Speed Test reflects the performance benefits of using their CDN, but PageSpeed Insights focuses on a broader set of optimization metrics that are crucial for SEO and user experience.


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