Pagespeed insights, pingdom, etc not crawling my website

Hey guys,

I started using Cloudflare to speed up my website on wordpress.
So I changed my servers as requested and have been checking out all the possible options Cloudflare gave me on their free plan.

To begin with, I checked my website and an error came up not displaying my webpage. I don’t know how, this has been fixed.
Nevertheless, when going back to google’s pagespeed insights, or even pingdom these … bots? can’t crawl my website at all, giving me an error message: “An error occurred while fetching or analyzing the page”.

I’ve done some research and read something about “threat control” to allow google to crawl the website, but I can’t find that either on my dashboard.

the website is:

Any type of help would be much appreciated,

Thank you,

Your site isn’t reachable with https. What’s the SSL Status on your Crypto page? It should say you have Active Universal SSL, but probably doesn’t.

Before installing Cloudflare, I use to have plugins to help me install a secure website since I’m a newby at webpages. My host ovh does mention I have the SSL certificate, and then to help me navigate through I used the following plugins on wordpress: Really simple SSL and SSL Insecure Content Fixer. Maybe there’s an incompatiblity?

Go figure. It’s working for me now.

Yeah… it works the second time you try it, isn’t that odd? Any ideas?

Thank you for your responses Sdayman.
Any leads as regards my issue with pagespeed insights or pingdom, or you think both issues I’ve had are related?

First shot and hit.
It’s working for me either

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