PageSpeed Insights is always bypassing APO HTML cache (2)

According to this post, this was already fixed, but I’m still seeing the requests with a user agent that ends with “Chrome-Lighthouse” ending up at the server.

User agents ending in “Chrome-Lighthouse” is what Google uses for their Lighthouse tool, but also for the Page Insights tool.

Anyone knows how to get around it?

APO will server from Cache if it’s available when testing with Page Insights. APO uses 2 caching mechanisms: Cloudflare CDN Cache and Workers KV. So it’s a valid use case when we served the content from KV while fetching from origin to update Cloudflare CDN Cache in particular data center.

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Thanks for your reply! What you say makes sense.

What I’m currently seeing is the following:

  • I open an incognito windows
  • I visit my website
  • The headers say it was a cache hit
  • I always see the request in my own server log

Can you explain me why all these requests end up at the origin server when the visit came from the cache? I can reliably replicate this.

Do you send any extra headers when fetching the content for Cloudflare CDN Cache so I can identify whether this is also the case for Page Insights.

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