PageSpeed Insights "Avoid multiple page redirects"

Hi. When I run PageSpeed Insights I allways get the same result “Avoid multiple page redirects” I asked to my hosting they told me that it is ok for them, it must be a Cloudflare configuration problem. How can I fix it?

Evita que haya varias redirecciones de página

1,11 s

Las redirecciones provocan retrasos adicionales antes de que la página se pueda cargar.

(|0 ms|


You’re always going to get that warning if you don’t enter the ultimate URL you want to test.

You entered http, but your site redirects to https (good).
You didn’t put /es/ on the end, but your site redirects to /es/ because of Polylang.

If you just entered, you’d be testing the correct URL.

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Thank you

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