PageSpeed and page redirections

Dear friends of community,

I’m trying to start a small business of Web Optimization using Cloudflare to improve response times.

I have a wordpress installation in Godaddy with the domain “” which is my page of the Optimization service promotion.

To perform a client’s optimization test, I have created another wordpress installation in an additional folder (tesis), within the domain as follows:

It works fine, but Google Page Speed ​​tells me that I have redirection of pages, which subtracts more than 1 sec, speed. Annex images of the PS analysis. I have spent many hours trying to see where the problem is and I can not find it. I would greatly appreciate your help.

The original request is:


Then redirect to:

to then redirect:

I deleted the .htaccess file and the problem persists.

I would greatly appreciate if you can help me identify where I have the fault.

Thank you so much.

That looks like a redirect loop. The Initial and Final Redirect look like the same URL.

What’s your SSL setting here? It’s either Flexible, or Full.

Hi sdayman, very thanks for your answer…

Yes, I have the SSL configureted en Cloudflare, like as: Flexible.

Best Regards,

The first redirect is adding the trailing slash, which is a redirect WP does by default. Make sure WP is configured to use https for both site and WordPress on its dashboard > Settings > General.

I’m just not seeing it. The first and last look identical to me.

I see the added / on Chrome DevTools, as well as the change from https/http/https:

Hi dear Cloudflare Community …

Very thanks for your help, in special to @cbrandt who was gave me the idea where to find the issue.

Thanks a lot to @sdayman who was kind enough to answer my question.

Best Regards,


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