Pages with trailing forward slash not loading through cloudflare

We use pages with and without trailing forward slash in this website. All of the blog article pages use the trailing forward slash like , however these do not load and eventually end up with a gateway error in cloadflare.
All other pages without trailing forward slash on this website do load correctly.
What could be the problem??

I see a fancy 404 error page at the link you shared. If that is not your domain, it is preferable to use a reserved name such as rather than one belonging to an uninvolved third-party. If you are able to share your actual domain, that is even better, since it will allow the community to see firsthand what you are describing.

The trailing slash you are discussing is a forward slash (/), not a backslash (\), and it is best to use them consistently throughout your site.

Do the same pages load when Cloudflare is paused?

I have edited my post to correct the mistake regarding existing domain and changed it to
Also, tested with Cloudflare paused and it’s still not working.
This is definitely a problem with the website, need to check nginx rewrite.

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Temporarily enabling rewrite logging may help. I’ve only done that in Apache, but it looks like Nginx has that capability, too.