Pages: Total Redirect limits?

I have a short domain I use to redirect people to different domains/links. It has over 500 links e.g. goes to — and lots more.

It’s hosted with Netlify and I was hoping to migrate it to Cloudflare since I think it may be faster that way as my domains are with Cloudflare anyway.

Looking at this Redirects page it says:

There is a limit of 100 redirects and a 1000 character limit per redirect line.

Can anyone explain it to me? Is the limit of 100 redirects per line? Or does that mean I can’t have more than 100 redirects in one project? — if it’s the latter, I won’t be able to use Pages for this. :frowning:

I think it means that you are allowed 100 redirects per project with a limit of 1000 characters per line in the file.

Hope this helps.

Cloudflare Pages is primarily designed as a JAMStack platform.

Cloudflare Workers is better suited to your use case. There are a number of applications you can borrow to manage bulk redirects, such as Lil Redirector