Pages to support multilanguage builds


I tried recently and I am really satisfied in how everything works, from easy integration with github and to configuring site under custom domain - really good job.

However, we use Hugo to build multilanguage site using single repository and as far as I tested every configuration option, I am unable to achieve this with

Our hugo comand outputs to /public:

tree ./public -L 1
├── de
├── en
└── fr

3 directories, 0 files 

where each directly is a site with different language.

We host every directory under different domain i.e

In Pages configuration I were able to only configure one directory i.e. en on one domain When I tried to add separate build for the same repository to try to overcome this issue (build twice and configure separate deployments), Pages told me that repository is already in use and I cannot use this repository to set up another build.

Can you please tell how can I achieve build and deployment in our multilanguage scenario.

It would be perfect if I can have one build with one build command (hugo) and then configure three separate deployments i.e. public/en to and public/de to and configure different domains for each page.

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You can do this with Workers… however… Pages isn’t currently proxied with CF features. This means you can’t do Workers on top of Pages. It requires cross-team work so may take a little bit still.

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