Pages throws a lot of "The script will never generate a response" errors

Hi I’m using pages with angular adapter, but I’m having a problem with “The script will never generate a response” error appearing frequently. The error starts to appear after some time after deploy and depends on the number of requests, the more requests the faster and more often it starts to occur. The only solution I know of at the moment is to do another deploy. I tested the application for memory leaks and other errors, but nothing obvious could be found.

This error is very annoying, because I have to do up to several deploys per hour when there is more traffic on the site. Have any of you encountered such a problem or have any idea how to solve it?

I’m getting the same error with WebSockets in Cloudflare Workers. I posted it here and in Discord as well and haven’t got any responses. I’ve been considering CF Workers for a new mobile app product but this kind of errors are a major red flag, IMHO.

here is the post I created:

Hope you will get to resolve this error soon.