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I need your help with Cloudflare Pages.

I currently have an application running on Cloudflare Pages with
main =>

and I would also like to have my preview branches available under this domain name.
for example
develop =>

Currently, I can’t find in the documentation how to link this to my ‘myapp’ subdomain.

Do you have any ideas for a solution?

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thanks for your reply,

ok for now it’s still a manual action to do ?
it’s not included in pages workflow, with random hash generation and auto registration domaine ?

It’s a manual action; you need to change the CNAME yourself (and ignore the warning the dashboard gives you). But once you do it, it works perfectly.

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thanks, could be a nice feature to have in futur

ok now my subdomain

is timeout with 522 from cloudflare ? do you know why ?

is a CNAME to
main =>

is also a CNAME to
develop =>

Did you add it to the Pages project as a custom domain? Don’t create the CNAME yourself. Add it to the project and then modify the CNAME that got created.

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