Pages Rules not working and changing behavior

I have a domain I am forwarding to a cloudfront distribution. The DNS for the domain is “www” cnamed to “domain”. I am going from a path based file system to having all objects stored in the root of the bucket, so I have about seventy-two 301 redirect rules to accomplish this.

The page rules were working perfectly with “domain\path\file” to “new-domain\file”. When going to “www-domain\path\file” it would look for the old server. I started changing the page rules to “*.domain\path\file” and that worked for 8 out of 10 rules that I modified to test, but the other 2 rules failed. They worked with “www-domain\path\file” but caused “domain\path\file” to try and route to cloudfront with “new-domain\path\file” which of course 404’d because all objects are in the root of the bucket.

When I came back from lunch the other eight rules had stopped working for “domain\path\file”. Now they all try to resolve “domain\path\file” to “new-domain\path\file”. They correctly route with “www-domain”. I am very confused with this, and to me it sounds like cloudflares product is broken. I have had a support ticket open for over 24 hours for this.

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