Pages Rules Depreciated


We have page rules which hard-cache some image paths and JS files etc.

They say page rules are being depreciated so we looked at the new pages rules system but you’re unable to hard-cache particular URL strings (*).

Am I missing something here? Have Cloudflare removed the option to hard-cache ?

Did you look here…? (Cache rules are under “Caching” rather than “Rules” in the sidebar).

Oh cool thanks very much - I’ve setup pages rules , I have ten now (not 3) , excellent !!

For /images/ folder etc i’ve set :

Is this enough or to hard-cache or am I missing something ?


I’ve set …

URl Full , Contains =

TTL Cache = 1 Year

But when I change the homepage contents and refresh - the content updates … using the old page rules – the content should not change until I clear cache.

How would I hard-cache the HOME PAGE (


You would need to use to match the home page, or change equals to starts with to cover the whole site (better to use hostname equals in that case).

I tried hostname = domain
This doesn’t heavy cache the homepage.
The older page rules works - the new one does not.

Can you show a screenshot of the whole rule?

Here you go …

Remove https:// from the value box, see the e.g. text below the box whenever you select a field that shows the expected format.

It works when i do …

URl path CONTAINS xxx

but caching the homepage seems to be difficult

I’ve figured it out I think.

Is there a way to “hard cache” a particular URL for max time but also have a fresh version updated every 12 hours ?

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