Pages redirect or remove domain to custom domain

I have deployed a Cloudflare Pages nuxt site and added a custom domain. The custom domain I have protected with Cloudflare Access.

Cloudflare Access does not stop people accessing the default * domain

Is it possible to redirect the * domain to the custom domain or remove it ?


I have found a way to restrict access to {yourappp} subdomain.

By using you can add two applications (Access → Applications):

  • {yourappp} (production)
  • *.{yourappp} (for preview deployments)

By leaving “subdomain” field empty, you can target production app. Then it’s only the matter of defining rules, who can access and how they authenticate.


How are you getting to show up in the Access domain? All I see are my zones.

Try manually pasting your CF pages address. It worked for me and I think I saw and autocomple after pasting.

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Ah, you can paste in a hostname! Cool! Though it doesn’t seem to verify if I paste in a subdomain I don’t have.

Yeah, it seems odd. But I hope they verify that you own pages which you add and set rules to :slight_smile:

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