Pages redirect on custom domain

We have a site hosted on {yourdomain}.com, which is set up as a custom domain in pages pointing at {yourappp}

We want to migrate our javascript redirects to use cloudflare pages redirects as described here

We added a _redirects file, and the redirects work just fine in the preview sites, and on {yourappp} However they don’t work on {yourdomain}.com.

Is there some limitation in pages redirects, or are we missing something in either the DNS configuration or pages setup that is causing this?

I tried this out with a custom domain in “Production” (well, it’s a repo with a dummy index.html and the _redirects file) and it worked just fine. Since you mentioned that it works in preview and on, I’m not sure what the problem is here though. The DNS record should be of type AAAA, content 100:: (or the IPv4 variant, doesn’t matter as far as I know).

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