Pages project is down. Custom domain "inactive error."

Good morning,

Our open-source project website hosted on Cloudflare Pages is currently down.

We recently re-configured our Cloudflare Pages projects, which required moving a custom domain from an old project to a new one. As part of this change, we also updated the external DNS to point to the new project, as in the past. We verified this domain is setup correctly, but upon adding the custom domain to the new project, the Cloudflare console gets stuck and says the custom domain status is: “Inactive - error.” Removing and re-adding the domain again gives the same result.

While inspecting the HTTP traffic between the browser and the console for clues, the error below is observed, which indicates Cloudflare may be unintentionally blocking the custom domain add. But there has been no notification or indication of this on the console that we are aware of. And previously this custom domain was operating fine. It seems this blocking may be by mistake and only affected us when we moved the custom domain from the old Pages project to the new one.

We e-mailed the address in the error message but have not yet heard a response. How can we quickly get our Cloudflare Pages site up and running again?

Thanks for your help!

“result”: [
“id”: “d73f141a-cb0e-4c74-9bd3-9de1e673b91d”,
“domain_id”: “d73f141a-cb0e-4c74-9bd3-9de1e673b91d”,
“name”: “”,
“status”: “blocked”,
“verification_data”: {
“status”: “blocked”,
“error_message”: “The hostname is part of a banned domain. This web property cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, please email [email protected] with the name of the web property and a detailed explanation of your association with this web property.”
“validation_data”: {
“status”: “pending”,
“method”: “http”
“created_on”: “2022-05-27T00:25:13.327537Z”
“success”: true,
“errors”: ,

Unfortunately, you can only wait for the Trust & Safety team to respond.

No-one else has any insight into their cases, when did you email them?

Thanks for responding – I appreciate that! It’s not really fair to call the issue “solved” for us: the site is down and Cloudflare clearly says, “we broke it!”

We e-mailed them yesterday as soon as we found the “we broke it!” message buried in the HTTP.

I am sure they receive a lot of e-mails. No ticket or tracking numbers gets generated back to us and there is no auto-responder confirming the e-mail is received. Does Cloudflare have guidance for long we should wait with our site offline and what we should do if that period ends? It’s kind of a surprising experience and seems to be entirely inadvertent.

Thanks and have a great day!

Did you receive any email at all in response from when you emailed the abusereply email? If not, I’d resend that email.

I’d fully expect that you get some form of auto-reply email that contains an identifier for that case/email.

I agree: what you are describing is pretty typical and normally what I would expect, too.

Re-sending the e-mail today yielded the same result: no response / no auto-responder / no ticket number. Feel free to e-mail them a test message to see if it you get a different result.

Try search for case ID in your emails - probably to the email associated to the super admin account on the dashboard.

That’s what you’d get in the subject when Trust & Safety open a case/take action on an account.

Good morning,

@MoreHelp , please. We have still received zero communications from anyone at CF about our custom domain Pages site being down via any method – including the super admin’s e-mail or ticket dashboard.

Our site has been offline for several days, and the console HTTP error message continues to say ~“CF broke it.” Meanwhile, our users are complaining that our project site is offline. We have sent three e-mails to [email protected] as directed from two different e-mail domains and have received no ticket#, no confirmation that any work is underway, and no response.

What will CF do to fix this problem? Granted, this is a FOSS project, but this entire situation is getting pretty ridiculous. No one’s site should be down for days on end with no communication and no updates, especially as it seems to be a mistake.

We would appreciate CF’s swift internal escalation to resolve the problem. If we are talking into a black hole and nothing is going to happen anytime soon, please be candid and let us know so we can find other solutions.

Thanks for your help and have a great day!


Good morning,

This problem was entirely resolved outside of the community. The net/net is that an individual on the trust and safety removed the block and today we were able to remove and re-add the custom domain to get our site working again.

We are very grateful for his help and assistance!


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