Pages Project Deployments timing out

Our pages project will not list deployments - it simply loads endlessly. We notice a gateway timeout in the API response for listing deployments. We also see issues when trying to list deployments from the API - when requesting them by pages, intermittently those requests will also timeout with a 504.

This has blocked all ability for us to service our production storefront, so the urgency is quite high. Is anyone else seeing this issue and found a way to resolve it?

How many deployments does that project have? I’ve seen people hit 504s when listing deployments in the past when the number of deploys is very high.

It has about 1200 at the moment, this began when it was at about 800. We have an automated job that runs daily that will delete deployments but the request that pulls in the deployments has been 504ing. We also run against the issue of not being able to delete the last deployment for any given branch even though the branches have been deleted.

We are still seeing intermittent issues with our project dashboard, although I have written a working cron script to delete deployments and shrink that number down to below 500. The main difference is in the API request params for fetching deployments of a project - for the per_page param the value is set to 10 instead of 15, anything above 10 seems to run into the 504 timeout response, the higher the value the more frequent we see the 504.