Pages Pricing DDOS Protection

Does any of the Pages plan include DDOS and other application security services that cloudfare offers? If not what is the process for setting up application security and performance services (CDN, DDoS mitigation etc.) for a pages hosted site?

Thank you.

Pages runs at the edge like a CDN, and Cloudflare’s perimeter is so large that it can handle a DDoS.

Was there a specific security issue you had in mind?

Thank you @sdayman for the quick response. I don’t have any specific security issue. I’m looking at best options to deploy a Gatsby site which also provide CDN and DDOS. Pages pricing or documentation didn’t mention any of these features.

Also on a general note, i would like to know which of these additional cloudflare features (as shown in the plans below) apart from DDOS and CDN are included / not required to setup additionally with cloudflare pages deployment.

Thank you very much.

It’s a static site with unlimited requests and unlimited bandwidth. It’s not going to get compromised or DDoS’d. So, really, there’s not much that you’d need to apply to Pages. It’s just an Always On website.

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