Pages password protection

Hi there,

Please provide an easy way to add some password or add an email where one can get a onetime password to see the staging page.

Please also make the .pages url unaccessable while using custom domain.

This is really weird to have 2 different methods of accessing a webpage.


You can do this already with Access (which you can enable with 1-click in the Pages dash) - One-time PIN login · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

For the password request, we’ve made the Access team aware of these requests in the past. The suggestion is best put to them rather than Pages.

Hi @Walshy

I try that in the past doesnt work as expected and is very compicated.

For example if i add 1access on then it also add to my domain

so this is a terrible solution which doesnt work at the moment.

I was expecting an easier methor to controll access to stagin site directly from pages>settings.

and also there is no need to have the when i am using a custom domain

I hope this clarify a little more on the feature request.