Pages offline on mobile version

Hey guys,

I’ve just installed Cloudflare on my wordpress based website and now all my pages except for the home page, on mobile, are offline. They do not display any Cloudflare error or anything, the browser only says that the server could not be found.

All pages are fine when accessed by desktop.

Any clue on what could be happening?

Thank you all!

Do you have rocket loader enabled?

And If you’re comfortable, posting the domain would help.

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I actually am with the rocket loader on; I’ve just tryied disabling it and trying out but I got the same result: every page, except the home, when accessed by mobile, shows as ‘server not found’ or something similar.

The domain is (which is the home page), pages that shows offline for me on mobile are, for example,

Thank you for your reply!
I really appreciate it!

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