Pages loading without css after installing ssl

I’m hosting my site on aws and I’m using bitnami WordPress stack so after I installed Cloudflare flexible ssl and other plugins for ssl now my site sometimes load without css and when I reload it loads css back again but when I access my site through ip it always loads without css It was fine before configuring Cloudflare flexible ssl
This is the IP :
Website link :
Can anyone help me solve this issue please :pray:

I just tried on a mobile without issue. Loaded securely. Sounds like it could be mixed content based on what you described. I’d first try from an incognito window. If still an issue, search mixed content tip on this site for a community tip to address. And, enable automatic rewrites on the SSL/TLS app. What browser are you using, btw?

I’m using chrome yes it appears normal most time but sometimes in a weird way try accessing via ip

Your site generally seems to load fine. One - unrelated - issue is your server only has a self-signed certificate configured for your domain, because of which you can only use the less secure “Full” SSL mode instead of the proper “Full strict”.

As for the missing CSS, that might be local browser caching issue, especially if it only happens on certain machines and gets fixed with a reload.

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