Pages loading strangly with text loading first and then images in a way they didn't before

We had some kind of server issue and liquidweb was saying it was a dos attack at first but now they say it’s because there was a huge cpanel update. We made some changes to our Cloudflare like the under attack mode but I think we got most of it set back. However, the pages are loading funky. They are loading text first and presenting like the top navigation running down the right side and then popping in images and straightening up.

Have you tried clearing up all the cache?
are you using nginx?

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Hi @welch.k, that sounds like mixed content errors, but it may be that something else/more serious given the (maybe) attack and update. Can you share the domain name?

I took it off Cloudflare this morning the domain is and it’s always under attack but normally not DOS.

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