Pages load time is terrable in Israel

I am using Cloud flare tool so that my customers could enjoy fast website content.
I am an owner of an E-commerce Shop on WordPress. I have many products on my website and lot’s of images. Lately my web site is so slow that the traffic to my website reduced dramatically.
I thought the problem is from the server site- but after doing some check-up with the Hosting company I understood I need to look for the reason in other places.
So I did what most people would do- I did a bulk reduction of all the images I have in my media folder BUT nothing have changed.
Please I need you URGENT help to get back to normal activity on my website.
Help me reduce the loading time of the pages on my website.


That’s not always correct, as hosting companies often say “Everything’s fine here” when it isn’t.

Without the domain name, there’s no specific advice we can offer.

If you’re in Israel, you can try visiting your site’s URL and see which Colo (location) you’re routed through. It should be a local airport code.

my website is:

You’re in Israel? That’s a London POP. It should be much closer. Try this to see where other plan levels route you:

Your site actually loads pretty quickly for me, and pretty decent in most places around the world. Though that doesn’t help if Israel is your main audience.

Where is your host located?

And sadly, none of the main ISPs in Israel peer with Cloudflare, it’s quite normal to be served by the London or Frankfurt PoP


That’s odd. Then who’s in the TLV data center with Cloudflare?

Just probing around now it appears TLV only serves Enterprise domains, like,, and probably some others


the company I use for hosting my website is Bluehost
So I didn’t understand what you wrote in your reply

It goes back to this:

If you toggle your website’s hostname in DNS here to :grey: DNS Only, then wait five minutes, does your performance improve?

It also involves routing. For example, if the server is in Israel, but your routing goes to England or Germany, that adds quite a bit of latency due to the round trip. Or if the server is in the US. That’s quite a long way from Israel, and also adds to the round trip time for your visitors.

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