Pages limited to 102 pages - We need unlimited pages for our usecase

Pages limited to 102 pages - We need unrestricted limit for the number of pages for our use case.

Pages is limited to 20,000 files per project. This is a technical limit and can not be increased.

How do we get it lifted to 20k from the current 102?

Sorry, are you referring to the amount of Pages projects per account? If so, then you can do it via this form or describe your use case in this thread, and it will be passed to the Pages PM.

Yes I submitted this form a week or so ago and have not heard anything as yet. Not sure how long these requests usually take

What’s the use case? We can just pass it to the PM directly.

We are building a saas that will allow designers to create flutter apps by dragging and dropping their content onto our platform and creating a customisable story hierarchy like the menu below for a restaurant.

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