Pages improvements - Platform Week


We have pushed some AWESOME improvements to Pages today! Read about them below:

Feel free to leave any feedback or bug reports here :slight_smile:


Direct page uploads, that’s awesome :orangeblob:

This image/video is broken for me, though.

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Working fine here, could you DM me what the error is you get?

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I was excited about direct uploads and wanted to try it out. I have a project sitting here that was back-burnered, but the test site is ready to deploy and I already know it deploys normally on Pages, so, I figured, good way to try the new shiny.

I was immediately hit with this:

✘ [ERROR] Error: Pages only supports up to 1,000 files in a deployment at the moment.

  Try a smaller project perhaps?

1,000 files? Seriously? Responsive images can blow you past that limit pretty quickly. I know the limit for Pages itself is 20,000. Is this a beta limitation?

Yes, it was reported that this will be increased soon! :grinning:

Yes, we had some technical challenges which prevented us from making this higher at launch. We will be raising this very soon!


We have released Pages Plugins today! You can find out more info on our blog:

And checkout our documentation for implementing or creating your own: Pages Plugins Β· Cloudflare Pages docs