Pages: how long do removed files stay alive

Hi there,

  1. I deploy to Pages production a folder with one file index.html
  2. Then I remove index.html from the folder and add a new file index-new.html. I deploy the folder to production again.

I see now that both files index.html and index-new.html are being served by Cloudflare Pages, so it looks like the first file index.html was not removed from the hosting, maybe because of the cache.


  1. will the old file index.html stay forever or it will be cleaned up with time?
  2. If the old file will eventually be cleaned up, for how long will it stay?

Thanks in advance

Try to purge cache.

I don’t have a custom domain attached. The website is served at *
Is there a way to purge cache for it? I couldn’t find

If a request is made for a file that does not exist, but existed in the previous deployment, and Pages happens to still have that file cached, it will serve it up. It won’t stick around forever but it could be a week or more.

Understand. Thanks a lot for the clarification!

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