Pages: "Functions requests today" counts all requests, not only functions

Hi there,

I recently migrated a hobby/test project to Cloudflare Pages to try the new platform.
I also started to use the “Functions” feature by adding a file called /functions/api/[[path]].js …

This works great so far, but I noticed that the “Functions requests today” counter, which is limited to 100,000/day", also counts regular requests like /index.html, /images/logo.png, …

This results in having the “Functions requests today” counter displaying the total of about 10,000 requests/day instead of the 100 wich are actually function calls.

Using a custom Worker (on a separated sub-domain) displays the correct amount of 100 function calls a day.

Since the Pages/Functions pricing states it is based on Worker pricing model, i think this should also only count the function calls?
Or, if this is the intended behaviour, the UI label should be changed to say something like “Total requests today” as well as the documentation should clariofy, that all Pages request count towards this limit.

What do you think?


Correct, right now it is indeed counting all requests. This is work that will be done before functions go GA but right now during beta yes, this limitation is there.

If you need a limit increase, you can request one here: Functions Limit Increase on Cloudflare Pages

Okay - thanks for the information.
No worries about the limit. It’s just a private/hobby project.
I just wanted to provide feedback on this beta feature.
Happy new year everyone!

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