Pages for SaaS: Project limit increase and custom domains

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Pages for SaaS: Project limit increase and custom domains

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We run a blog hosting SaaS. Our MVP with a few paying customers currently runs on Vercel but their pricing is getting ridiculous, so we are looking for alternatives. We tested our code with Cloudflare Pages and it works great.

We want to deploy our customer’s blogs on Cloudflare Pages, each as its own project and serve them on a seperate subdomain each while offering the customer the option to add their own domain.

Some issues that need to be resolved before we decide to migrate:

1.) Each free trial is created as a project and shows a placeholder site when the customer doesn’t upgrade to a paid plan. This means we need a lot of projects. I started migrating some blogs to test it out and hit the limit of 100 projects. says “Unlimited sites” are included in all plans, I assume that means unlimited projects. Please increase this limit for my account.

2.) Currently, for each blog a separate CNAME record needs to be created and pointed to the equivalent site. Is there a way to use a catch-all * record instead?

3.) We offer our customers to add their own domain. A big issue is that if our customer has their domain on Cloudflare, it shows “That domain is already associated with an existing project. Use a different domain or find the project already using this domain and remove it.”. It can’t be the point that we have to tell our Customers to stop using Cloudflare, right? We also don’t want to add the domain via nameservers, some customers want to e.g. add their own mailservers.

4.) Also, we would need to ask our customers to point their CNAME to
We want to use Cloudflare for SaaS for a white-label CNAME record. We want our customers to be able to set their CNAME to something like
How can we integrate pages with Cloudflare for SaaS? Others seem to have the same unresolved question: How to use SSL for SaaS and Pages Combine Cloudflare for SAAS with Cloudflare Pages

5.) I wanted to upgrade to your Pro Plan for more builds, but then I found out that only building by pushing from Github is possible. This doesn’t apply to my project - I want to create hundreds of projects from the same Github repo and want to trigger builds only on demand when a user updates his blog. So I now run the build on Github Actions via webhook and deploy it with wrangler.
Since the limit of custom domains is per project and each customer blog is a separate project, I wouldn’t hit this limit either.

So I assume that there are no benefits of upgrading to a paid pages plan. Are there any other limits of the Free Plan to be aware of? Will the conditions stay like this?

as mentioned in Limits · Cloudflare Pages docs please fill out the limit increase form:

No way to do wildcard today

That error means it’s already added to CF Pages, not CF in general. You should just handle that appropriately

See Setup Pages for a SaaS platform · Cloudflare Pages docs

Nope, you seem good. Limits are on the limits page, you may only want to upgrade if you hit the domain limit at some point

Thank you!

I submitted the form 5 days ago and am waiting for the limit increase.

One suggestion: The api error message asks to contact support here Contacting Cloudflare Support · Cloudflare Support docs to request for a limit increase. Since there is a form, it would be better to link to that instead.