Pages file size limitation

after I start deploying my app at the end of the process an error shows up it says “pages only supports files up to 26.2MB in size”, how to fix this as my app is so small?

What is “so small”?

Audit your files to find the actual file sizes.

You said your app is “so small”. But that doesn’t say much.

So I asked you to audit or check your app to know the actual size, instead of using subjective words like “small”.

Instead, you responded with a screenshot of the actual error that clearly shows one of your files is 106MB, far exceeding the allowable limit for individual files.

So at this point, I’m not sure what exactly you want again :smiley:

The solution is to fix your app. I see the 106MB file is coming from some cache folder. Perhaps this is not a folder that needs to be uploaded?

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