Pages fails to build: internal error while cloning repository

Hi, I’m encountering an issue when building my static website preview on Cloudflare Pages. It always worked until today. I get an error while the worker is cloning the repository:

13:54:20.523    Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
13:57:11.509    Success: Finished initializing build environment
13:57:11.509    Cloning repository...
13:57:13.512    Failed: an internal error occurred

As “internal error” does not tell a lot I would recommend debugging it a little yourself before passing this tot he support.

Make sure your repo like is correct and its clonable. just test it localy. If this works fine I guess a ticket should be created as the devs should look into this internal error.

According to this thread there was a problem with the lenght of a name: Cloudflare pages Failed: an internal error occurred - #7 by brentrt

May check if this also apply to your setup.

The repository is public and I can clone without issues (I’ve just tried).
Also I managed to deploy multiple builds until today, it seems that something broke recently in the build process.

Ok, then I guess its time to open a ticket. Please create one and post the TicketID here, so people looking into this can follow up.

Quickly tagging the people that managed to resolve a very similar issue before

@1blas @ncano

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Thanks for the help.

However, I can’t submit a ticket. When I go into “Get More Help”, at the end, it just ask me to post in the community forum.

Am I missing somehting?

Then you probably are on free plan, thats ok, just wait untill the tagged people will reply. They very likely can debug this and give you specific instructions what is wrong.

Indeed I’m on the free plan.

The first thing to check is to confirm that Cloudflare Pages has access to the affected repo in GitHub via If you have altered Cloudflare Pages permissions in your Github account in the past, it is likely that you need to delete your Pages project and create a new one, which will be associated with your active Github App Installation, instead of a modified / deleted one.

If this doesn’t help, please post the dashboard URL to the deployment details of the failed build so that we could take a further look.

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Thanks for the prompt answer.

I think that the permissions are all good. I attach you the screenshot of GitHub installed apps.

Here is the link to the failed details in the dashboard:

Thank you for providing the link. I believe this build is failing because the root directory you have configured in your Pages project does not exist in the repo itself. Build 9c895583-5adc-468f-bf52-bcc54d308a10 failed 7 days ago for the same reason.

Could you please double check and adjust / remove root directory from your build settings? This should resolve your problem.

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Indeed, that was the error!
It’s fixed now, thank again for the great support.

(Just a quick feedback, if the error message was just a bit more detailed, it would help a lot to fix the build issues).

Awesome, happy to hear that the issue is now solved! We are indeed working on adding more informative error messages when builds fail, hopefully these will be available within the UI soon.

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