Pages failed to create new project

I am trying to deploy a new Pages project.

Unfortunately I am getting the following error:
An unknown error occurred (Code: 8000000)

When inspecting the network - I noticed that a request to Github return 500 with the following body:
“result”: null,
“success”: false,
“errors”: [
“code”: 8000000,
“message”: “An unknown error occurred”

I already have some Pages project up and running, It’s suddenly stopped working for creating a new one.
Attaching screenshots of the error.

Appreciate any inputs to the above situation.

Apparently you’re not the first, but in the past, it was an internal issue that showed up in the Cloudflarestatus feed.

Can you open a ticket (via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com) and post the ticket # here?


Thanks @sdayman,
I opened a new ticket - #2277223, hopefully they will reach out soon.

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Hey, seems to be something weird going on with Pages. The second person to report this recently. I am sending this up to the team


I’m having issues deploying a new site via the Cloudflare API. Anyone have experience using this ?
just trying to use this Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

let project = {
“name”:“First SB Test”,
“build_config”: {
“build_command”: “npm run build”,
“destination_dir”: “dist”,
“root_dir”: “/”
“type”: “github”,
“config”: {
“owner”: “githubuser”,
“repo_name”: “myrepo”,
“production_branch”: “master”,
“deployments_enabled”: true

I keep just getting this response. {“result”:null,“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:8000000,“message”:“An unknown error occurred”}],“messages”:}

Please help! Thanks.

Hi I have created a page project previously. I want to create a new one but what I get is

An unknown error occurred (Code: 8000000)

I tried to use web console, the following request returns 500{account id}/pages/connections/github
    "result": null,
    "success": false,
    "errors": [
            "code": 8000000,
            "message": "An unknown error occurred"
    "messages": []

Any idea?

Can you go to GitHub, delete the app and then go back to Pages and reconnect it.

If that doesn’t solve the issue please send your account ID

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Tried, it doesn’t work

Can you please provide your account ID?

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many thanks

Hi guys,
I’m getting the same error, has this been resolved or is it ongoing?

On a side note it would be handy to know exactly what the required parameters are with the API. It appears that they are all optional but that can’t be correct.
How can you create a project with an “optional” name parameter?

For example if I’m creating a static project without a build command would that be omitted or would it require:

"build_config": { "build_command": "exit 0",}

The issue originally reported in this thread was resolved internally. Are you still seeing the error on your end?

Yeah still having the issue. I get a 200 response 8000 error code.

I’m just trying to create a static project (no build) using fetch not curl.

I’ve tried a few different variants of this:

  const key = 'GLOBAL API KEY';
  const baseURL = '';
  const accID = "IN WORKERS"
  const createProject = `accounts/${accID}/pages/projects`;

  const CFheaders = {
              "X-Auth-Key" : `${key}`,
              "X-Auth-Email" : "[email protected]",
              "content-type": "application/json;charset=UTF-8",

  const body =  {
    "pr_comments_enabled": false,
"build_config":{ "build_command":"exit 0",},

  let content = JSON.stringify(body);

  let result = await fetch(`${baseURL}${createProject}`,{ "method" : "POST", "headers" : CFheaders, "body" : content


  let res = await result.text();

I’ve also tried omitting the build_config.

Thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, what worked was:

  • Going to github, removing the integration
  • Go back to Cloudflare, login via the ROOT account instead as a member of the team
  • Add back the github integration
  • Success!