Pages Error

I’m getting an error with Pages: “Failed: an internal error occurred.” (I’m happy to elaborate, but not sure what information would be useful.)

How do I deploy a static site to Pages?

The best place to get support would be on the Discord server - Cloudflare Workers

Either way, is the repository you’re trying to deploy open source so we can take a look? What kind is it (plain files, React, Flutter, etc)? Is it just this deploy which failed or have you not been able to deploy at all?

I was trying to test with my personal website using the gh-pages branch which is static files: GitHub - bradonomics/ at gh-pages. I’ve never successfully deployed a site.

I tried to get on the Discord server earlier, I was unsuccessful. I’ve never used Discord before and had to google it to know what that even ment. It’s most probably a user error on my part.

I finally got on the Discord server but found no help there. Anyone got an idea how to solve this “Failed: an internal error occurred” error? A tutorial for deploying a static site (HTML/CSS only, no generator) maybe?