Pages DNS, CNAME @ to www

I am somewhat experienced with DNS and I’m using Cloudflare Pages with github to host my websites.

My current DNS
A, @, IP
CNAME, www, x. pages. dev

When I manually add the to my C NAME, it’s doesn’t establish a connection. When I first connected a few pages, it would offer C NAME, www, x. pages. dev and the web page initialization was instantly working. After connecting a few sites, it changed from C NAME, www, x to C NAME, @, x. pages. dev. I can’t manually change the @ to www .

So now it overwrites my A record because of the conflicting @ and it says cname flattening. This completely breaks the sub domain www . I tried two having two C NAMES, @ and www and it doesn’t work

So my issue is, how do i force www instead of @ and why is it even doing this garbage to begin with? I can’t understand why cloudflare would code this broken C NAME suggestion.

Cloudflare forum somehow considers the word CNAME as a link and bothered me until I spaced every word out. If you’re wondering why I spaced it so goofy…

You need to add custom domains through the pages settings.
From the docs

Manually adding a custom CNAME record pointing to your Cloudflare Pages site - without first associating the domain (or subdomains) in the Cloudflare Pages dashboard - will result in your domain failing to resolve at the CNAME record address, and display a 522 error.

So you would need a custom domain for each @ and www.


Thank you! A very easy oversight but that was the fix. Inside Pages, once you go to link your website, make sure you connect ‘www. mysite. com’ instead of ‘mysite. com’

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