Pages Direct Upload Production


I have setup a Cloudflare Pages Direct Upload project
I am using GitHub Actions to upload the site content, using the standard action plugin
Everything is working fine and the project is being upload and assigned its unique URL

The problem I have is how do I assign an upload from a branch as a production build, e.g. when a upload comes from master I want to set it as the production build, but the Direct Upload interface has no option like the automatic build project has, is there a flag I should be setting for the above GitHub Action to say the assets are for production?


So it seems if you create you direct upload Pages project through the Online Dashboard a production branch is not set and Pages does not know which branch to release as production, also there is no option to set this in the Dashboard.

I found a workaround by creating the Direct upload project with the Wrangler CLI, during the CLI setup it asks you which branch will be production to which you can enter a branch as free text, then any upload after this to the chosen production branch works, although there is still no way to change this branch in the UI