Pages deployments stuck as queued

Hello, we’re seeing a lot of stuck Pages deployments at the moment…

We have two applications set up on Pages, and deploys are triggered by webhooks from the same CMS — so when an update happens, one will build/deploy and the other one queues, which is expected.

But then the other build remains queued even after that first deployment has finished — we’re having to manually cancel and retry builds, because those queued builds never actually start.

Can anyone help with this please?

Still seeing this problem — build 2dd5c2e4-3e79-41a9-a104-ca2b4456a795 has been queued for 27 hours now. Is anyone else seeing similar issues?

Hi there!

Can you have a look at our documentation regarding the already known issues?

If you have an issue that you do not see listed, let the team know in the Cloudflare Workers Discord. Get your invite at external link, and share your bug report in the #pages-general channel.

Take Care!