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Newbie question – I got a new domain and wanted a single page website so I uploaded a static index.html with assets to a new project and it works fine (I think).

I am wondering how to modify/update the html – usually use sftp client Filezilla

page is

You’ll need to create a new deployment any time you want to update anything on your site.

If you’re using the git integration, that would be automated whenever you commit changes to your configured branch.

If you’re using the Direct Upload from the Cloudflare dashboard, you’ll need to create a new deployment using the button shown below.

Think of a new “deployment” as a new version of your website: the entire live site will be replaced with the newly-deployed site.

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I might do the GIT route but yes, the terminology threw me. Create new deployment makes sense.

What DNS records should I insert with what IP addresses?

Should I change the nameservers?



What are you currently using? If you are simply updating your existing site, why would you need to make changes to your DNS?

Change them to what? What do you hope to accomplish with the change?

I just uploaded files to cf page for static website. I noticed there are no DNS entries. It’s hosted there at cf so assume I use one of its IP addresses for a record.

Brand New site. Bought domain via cf. Used direct upload to populate. The .dev page comes up fine.

You should probably review the relevant documentation.

Looked pretty hard but nothing. Next step is maybe submit ticket or call and see if answer.

I linked directly to the relevant page in the documentation in my previous reply. What more are you expecting?

I didn’t see that. I think I need to associate the domain in custom domain, and then it will let me add the CNAME. I’ll try that.


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That worked though the custom domain was already in place, but it needed to be reactivated. It gave me the cname to use with dns, entered it, and all fine now. Not the most intuitive interface.

Thanks for your assistance Epic

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