Pages: deploy of Angular 13 frontend app

I’m using Cloudflare Serverless DevOps Pages for my site Angular frontend, it’s all ok and I’m happy with it.

But now I’ve migrated my repository from Angular 12 to 13 but when it triggers the deploy to Cloudflare the build fails with:

|22:26:04.141|Node.js version v12.18.0 detected.|
|22:26:04.142|The Angular CLI requires a minimum Node.js version of either v12.20, v14.15, or v16.10.|

Can I do something to upgrade from Node.js version v12.18 to v12.20 ?
Is it up to the Admins? Is it planned maybe?

Should I revert back to Andular 12?

Just set the NODE_VERSION environment variable to change that.

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Thank you :bangbang:

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