Pages deploy not working, unmentioned in ongoing incident

The ongoing incident initially mentioned Pages as affected, but an update several hours ago stated that “Cloudflare Pages functionality has been restored.” Additionally, the latest (02:35 UTC) update specifically calls out “Warp, Streams, Images, Tunnels” as services that still need to be fixed, further clarifying that Pages should at this point be functional.

However, I am still unable to load the “Deployments” view of my Pages site, meaning I can’t do manual (drag and drop) deploys. I tried deploying via CLI with Wrangler and received a “Deployment complete!” success message, but my site is still showing the old version, meaning the deploy didn’t actually go through.

Just wanted to make sure the team is aware of this (assuming it’s not just me with this problem), thanks!


For a moment, I thought mine was very broken. But it was just really slow. I suspect it’s still impacted by the overall issue.

After slowly getting to my deployed Pages project, I can open a New Deployment page where I can drag and drop:

Pages are not connecting to git.

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Glad it loads for you, it doesn’t for me even after 30+ minutes of leaving the page.
And either way, in my post I mentioned that I get a success message when deploying via Wrangler, but the deployment doesn’t actually go live on my site (I still see the old version). So it appears it isn’t just the frontend that’s broken, at least for me.

They are still not working. A lot of people on Discord are complaining about the same thing. Deployments themselves fail, and listing deployments times out.

I hope this gets fixed soon, this is an awful lot of down time.


Same, deploys are still not working for me.
Worrying that according to the status page this incident is now “resolved”.


Same issue

Same issue

Same issue, still unable to deploy a new build from GitHub. Also, numerous API errors while exploring the dashboard.

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API requests fail
deployments tab shows empty space or Queued (waiting for other builds to finish)

Looks like another incident posted, though it says a fix was implemented. That was ~2 hours ago, though.

I’m sure Cloudflare engineers can see everything that is going on in their dashboards but my anecdotal report is that I’ve been unable to see the deployments in the dashboard for the pages site I’m working on since yesterday afternoon. Every request to that endpoint 504s after ~50-60 seconds, even after the latest fix @ Oct 09, 2023 - 14:04 UTC.

it works, finally :smiley:

This is resolved now, apologies for the issues, it was a large-scale problem :frowning:


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