Pages Default NodeJS Version

Why is the default NodeJS version so old?

Everytime I set up a pages project I have to manually configure this. The current stable LTS is 16.13.2.

Why 12?

I think it may was v12 when Pages started, but once a “default_version” is set, it shall not be changed, since it otherwise could break all the Pages which did not specify any version, if they are not compatible with a higher Node version.

If you don’t like the v12, just specify a different version and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:
How to do so, you can read here:

Shouldn’t be that hard, additionally you can control of from your IDE by just creating a .node-version file with the wanted version.

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Ah I didn’t know about the IDE support, thanks!

What I mean is: create a file called “.node-version” and paste “16.13.2” in it. Then save.


echo -n "16.13.2" > .node-version

You’re welcome!

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